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22|04|2019  Hard Rock Laager
We will play at Hard Rock Laager in Estonia this Summer. Click to enlarge

22|03|2019  "Kain" available now!
Our new album "Kain" is available now!



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15|03|2019  "Kain" pre-order available
"Kain" is available for pre-ordering both physically and digitally!

Nailboard - https://www.nailboard.org/est/289/9831/goresoerd-kain-cd
Bigcartel - https://goresoerd.bigcartel.com/product/kain-cd
iTunes - https://apple.co/2Uphozk
Bandcamp - https://goresoerd.bandcamp.com/album/kain

14|03|2019  "Kain" pre-listening on Rada7.ee
Our new album "Kain" is available for pre-listening today at Rada7.ee! Click the link to listen - https://www.rada7.ee/eelkuulamine/goresoerd-kain/

08|03|2019  New single "Kain" from the upcoming album

Pre-order the new album digitally - https://apple.co/2Uphozk

01|03|2019  "Kain" presentation dates
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22|02|2019  "Kain" release date
Goresoerd's 5th album "Kain" will be released on 22.03.2019

1. Vaid Üks Padrun (feat. Robert Linna) / Only One Bullet
2. Pimedus (feat. Anne Arrak) / Darkness
3. Surm Saabub Ratsa / Death Comes By Horse
4. Kain / Cain
5. Nemesis
6. Vaikus / Silence
7. Nõid (Ave Satanas) / Witch (Ave Satanas)
8. Metsaline / The Beast
9. Niiske Muld / Clammy Soil

Recorded by Janek Kivi (Heliala) and Goresoerd
Mixed and mastered by Janek Kivi
Design by Bruno Palmik (Art by Bruno Palmik)

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18|02|2019  Rockfest
We will play at Rockfest in Finland this Summer. Click to enlarge

15|02|2019  New video single
Real life is hidden behind the flashing billboards. The first outbreak of angst is here - "Vaid Üks Padrun"!
Goresoerd pays its deep respects to Aleksei Kulikov (Vita Pictura) and Janek Kivi (Heliala).
"Vaid Üks Padrun" is taken from Goresoerd's 5th upcoming album "Kain".

Produced by Vita Pictura
Director/Color - Aleksei Kulikov
Edit - Axel Barde
Cameramen - Axel Barde, Aleksei Kulikov, Tony Hitrov

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Janek Kivi
Guest vocals by Robert Linna from Elephants From Neptune, KuradiSaar, Lexsoul Dancemachine.

21|01|2019  New video single coming soon

01|11|2018  Free shipping for all merch orders
"Come with me to the Gore Market," said one to another and ordered a Goresoerd T-shirt. Free shipping for all orders in November.
See it for yourself - goresoerd.bigcartel.com

15|10|2018  New album "Kain" teaser I

14|09|2018  R.I.P. Kõmmari

12|07|2018  "CAIN"
Attenzione Soerds!!

Have a good one Tõnis and all the best for you in Metsatöll. It was fun having you in the band, truly!
But behold, man as a rythm machine - welcome to the pit, Erkki-Siim Kalbus! Goresoerd is already exploiting the new drummer because our fifth album “CAIN” is on your way...

Vultures, fly!!

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03|05|2018  Upcoming tour
Only 3 weeks left until we share the road with the crazy guys from Skálmöld and Stam1na. Besides, when was the last time that You heard Estonian, Finnish and Icelandic at the same night? A reason to come for sure!

23.05 RIGA, LV
Tickets available at Ticketshop
Event at Facebook

Tickets available at Tiketa
Event at Facebok

Tickets available at Piletilevi
Event at Facebook

16|02|2018  Go Loud Agency
We are proud to announce that we have joined Go Loud Agency. Read it HERE. Stay tuned for more updates!

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16|01|2018  Concert announcement
We will join Skálmöld and Stam1na on their Baltic tour this May. Be there! Click to enlarge

31|08|2019  Barbar @ Tallinn, EE

27|12|2019  Kivi Paber Käärid @ Tallinn, EE