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01|11|2018  Free shipping for all merch orders
"Come with me to the Gore Market," said one to another and ordered a Goresoerd T-shirt. Free shipping for all orders in November.
See it for yourself - goresoerd.bigcartel.com

15|10|2018  New album "Kain" teaser I

14|09|2018  R.I.P. Kõmmari

12|07|2018  "CAIN"
Attenzione Soerds!!

Have a good one Tõnis and all the best for you in Metsatöll. It was fun having you in the band, truly!
But behold, man as a rythm machine - welcome to the pit, Erkki-Siim Kalbus! Goresoerd is already exploiting the new drummer because our fifth album “CAIN” is on your way...

Vultures, fly!!

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03|05|2018  Upcoming tour
Only 3 weeks left until we share the road with the crazy guys from Skálmöld and Stam1na. Besides, when was the last time that You heard Estonian, Finnish and Icelandic at the same night? A reason to come for sure!

23.05 RIGA, LV
Tickets available at Ticketshop
Event at Facebook

Tickets available at Tiketa
Event at Facebok

Tickets available at Piletilevi
Event at Facebook

16|02|2018  Go Loud Agency
We are proud to announce that we have joined Go Loud Agency. Read it HERE. Stay tuned for more updates!

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16|01|2018  Concert announcement
We will join Skálmöld and Stam1na on their Baltic tour this May. Be there! Click to enlarge

31|12|2017  Happy New Year!
Thank you guys for 2017!
Enjoy the last day of the year and have a Happy New Year.
See you in 2018!

05|12|2017  Supporting Insomnium and Tribulation
We will open up for Insomnium and Tribulation on 15.03.18 at Club Tapper. Buy tickets from Piletilevi. Click to enlarge

01|12|2017  New single
New lyric video "Nõid (Ave Satanas)" is here! Spread the word.

Lyric video by Grete-Liisa Sihver
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Janek Kivi

Stay tuned, more updates coming soon!

17|11|2017  Goresoerd handcrafted beer
Greetings deathschoolers!

Tanker Brewery and Goresoerd herby announce their first handcrafted beer - Soerd (5.8% IPA).
We would sincerely like to thank Jaanis Tanker for the beer, Laura Künnap for the design and a special thanks to Bruno Palmik!

The beer will be available for tasting at our shows.

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01|11|2017  New bass player
Greetings deathschoolers!

We have kept you waiting with this announcement, but now the time is over. Meet our new bass player - Tõnu Jalakas.

Come, meet and greet him on 17.11 at Club Rockstar's! Click here for Facebook event.

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06|10|2017  Raamat (live video from Hard Rock Laager 2017)

02|10|2017  New live video

24|08|2017  Goresoerd featured in the new SLOWLY WE ROT magazine

Old-school underground extreme metal print fanzine from Transylvania!
Order: http://slowlywerot.miiduu.com/slowly-we-rot-10-2017-1

10|08|2017  Departure of Janar
With great sadness we hereby announce, that our bass player Janar will play his last show with us this Saturday in Haapsalu. It has come to his decision to focus more on his personal and family life. We wish hime all the best and are grateful for the last 3 years with him.

More announcements soon. This is just the beginning of another exciting time.

Stay deathschool!

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16|07|2017  SMASH 2017 - thank you!

01|07|2017  Hard Rock Laager 2017 - thank you!
What a night, what a show. Thank you all who were there despite the rain and mud!
Photo by Muumi Photography

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26|06|2017  Review at Aristocrazia Webzine
Click here to read it.

21|06|2017  Interview with Metal Shock Finland
Click here to read it.

11|06|2017  Interview with Bitch Hard Girls Squad
Click here to read it.

09|06|2017  7.5/10 review from Eternally Rocking
Click here to read it.

02|06|2017  "Antikeha" full album stream available on YouTube

18|05|2017  Blasts from the past with Goresoerd
Check out this playlist we created in Spotify. It has all (as much as we could find) the bands with whom we had the honour to share stage with or opened up for.
Give it a spin and follow it, because we are going to keep on updating that whenever possible.

27|04|2017  Hard Rock Laager 2017 confirmed
We are stoked to announce that we have been confirmed at Hard Rock Laager 2017. Buy your tickets from HERE.

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14|04|2017  Live in Vilnius
Opening up for Napalm Death in Vilnius at Club Legendos.

12|04|2017  Review from Rockway
Click here to read it.

22|03|2017  Interview with Doom To Grind Zine
Click here to read it.

21|03|2017  Review from Bloodrock Media
Click here to read it.

17|03|2017  9/10 review from Ciklonizacija
Click here to read it.

11|03|2017  8/10 review from Doom To Grind Zine
Click here to read it.

07|03|2017  Review from JP's Music Blog
Click here to read it.

27|02|2017  Music video for "66"
Throwback to our album tour in December. See you guys on the road very soon!
Edited by Jalmar Väin from Visujal.

16|02|2017  9/10 review from Soundscape Magazine
Click here to read it.

13|02|2017  7,2/10 review from FFM-Rock Online Magazin
Click here to read it.

24|01|2017  Napalm Death support
Goresoerd will support Napalm Death in the Baltics! Come and witness the madness.

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12|01|2017  "Antikeha" nominated at Estonian Music Awards
"Antikeha" has been nominated at Estonian Music Awards 2017 "Metal Album of the Year" category alongside Kannabinõid's "Troon" and Taak's "Supersargasso". The gala will take place on 26th January at Nordea Kontserdimaja in Tallinn.

05|01|2017  R2 Metallion Best Local Metal release
"Antikeha" has been voted for the best local metal release by the listeners of the radio show R2 Metallion. You can re-listen the show by clicking HERE.

Thank you all so much!

31|12|2016  Happy New Year
We would like to thank all of you who have been with us this year! The best is yet to come.

Yours truly,

Photo by Jelena Jakovljevic Click to enlarge

19|12|2016  8/10 album review
CLICK HERE to read it.

14|12|2016  7/10 album review
CLICK HERE to read it.

01|12|2016  New album "Antikeha" available!
Listen to our new album "Antikeha" from Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes and Deezer!

30|11|2016  "Antikeha" pre-listening
Our new album is available for pre-listening at Rada7 today.
Click here!

21|11|2016  "Antikeha" release date
We have waited to announce this for a very long time. Our 4th studio album "Antikeha" will be released on 01.12.2016 digitally and from 19.12.2016 you can get the CD from stores physically. Until then you can buy the physical CD from our shows.

1. Põhjast/From the Depth
2. Neetud/Cursed
3. Antikeha/Antibody
4. Raamat/The Book
5. Värd/Freak
6. 66
7. Lõikus/The Cut
8. Valudes/In Pain
9. Elajas/The Savage

Recorded by Janek Kivi and Meelis Tauk
Mixed and mastered by Janek Kivi
Design by Bruno Palmik

Catch us promoting the new album and celebrating our 10th Anniversary on "The Antibody Tour". Click LIVE for dates.

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16|11|2016  Interview with Kassett.ee

07|11|2016  New video single
New video single "Neetud" from the upcoming album "Antikeha" is here. Spread the word!

We would sincerely like to thank:
Direction & editing - Jalmar Väin
Co-director & camera - Erlend Štaub
Lights - Cuu Club

Stay tuned. More updates about our new album coming soon!

31|10|2016  Tour announcement

Together with our partners at CMF Agency and BirdRain Agency we are glad to announce our 10th Anniversary tour.
In December you'll be able to see us in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia! Mark the dates on your calendars, and come to the shows near you!
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28|09|2016  New album "Antikeha" teaser IV

21|09|2016  New album "Antikeha" teaser III

14|09|2016  New album "Antikeha" teaser II

07|09|2016  New album "Antikeha" teaser I

05|09|2016  Important announcement
Goresoerd has parted ways with Ken (ex-drummer) due to his personal decision and reasons with no hard feelings. He was an outstanding drummer and a unique part of Goresoerd for the last 10 years. We wish him all the best in his personal life and are really thankful for his contribution to the band.

But show must go on…
We are really excited to introduce to you our new drummer - Tõnis Noevere. Some of you might know him from Cantilena and Bad Promotions Estonia. Welcome to the family!
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18|08|2016  New album update
All drum tracks for the new upcoming album have been recorded. Stay tuned, more announcements soon!

29|07|2016  Concert review from Hard Rock Laager
Click here to read it.

05|07|2016  Hard Rock Laager - thank you!
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29|06|2016  New lyric video
Loits is celebrating their 20th Anniversary with a tribute album. We are also honouring them with our version of "Tuleristsed".
Here's the lyric video!

15|04|2016  Summer festival confirmed
We have been confirmed at Hard Rock Laager 2016. Click here for tickets and more information.
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13|03|2016  We did it!
Hell yeah! We made it to the Wacken Metal Battle Estonia finals. We would really like to thank all of you who where there. Mad props to Urban Culture Entertainment for letting us be a part of it! See you in the final in May.
Check out the gallery for photos.

26|02|2016  Wacken Metal Battle Estonia semifinals
Great news! We have been chosen to play at this year's Wacken Metal Battle Estonia semifinals. Click here for tickets and more information.
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21|12|2015  Video blog #6
Had some fun with our Finnish buddies from We Are the Cult some time ago. New album is in the works, stay tuned!

30|08|2015  New album in the works
We have begun to work on our new upcoming album which will be released in 2016. Be sure to follow us on our social media channels to get the latest updates.

02|08|2015  Video blog #5
Lithuania - over love. This time from Devilstone Open Air 2015.

11|07|2015  Goresoerd on Apple Music
You can now listen to us on Apple Music.

25|06|2015  Goresoerd at Devilstone Open Air 2015
Great news! We have been confirmed to play at this year's Devilstone Open Air festival in Lithuania. Click here for tickets and more information.
Click to enlarge

08|05|2015  Goresoerd on Earbits Radio
You can now listen to us on Earbits Free Online Radio.

24|04|2015  Goresoerd and Bad Promotions Estonia
Greetings, deathschoolers!

Goresoerd and Bad Promotions Estonia hereby announce the blood pact that marks the beginning of their future partnership.
Tõnis Noevere, our new manager/booking agent - welcome to the family!
Stay tuned for more news.
Bad Promotions Estonia

15|04|2015  Video blog #4
What an awesome trip it was! We had a lot of fun. Thank you Jan Vozáry and Marek "Fajo" Falat for having us at Czech Republic and Slovakia.
And of course our amazing crew - Asko Plaado, Kaido Haavandi, Tanel Kõnd.

Til next time!

26|03|2015  "Painaja" at Eesti Top 7

06|03|2015  New song "Painaja" available on Spotify!

02|03|2015  New video for "Painaja" out!
It's here. It's done! Our new music video for the song "Painaja".
We would sincerely like to thank Dark Reigns Productions for this epic work of art.
The song is also available on our Bandcamp and Soundcloud page.

11|02|2015  Trailer for the new video!

08|02|2015  A small GIF from the video shoot
WARNING: If you are a photosensitive epileptic or bothered by gifs in general, please do not click the link below. Click to enlarge

03|02|2015  A still frame from the new video
Click to enlarge

28|01|2015  Goresoerd mentioned in Estonian encyclopedia
Click to enlarge

06|01|2015  New video coming soon!
Click to enlarge

01|01|2015  Happy new year!
2014 was a good year for us. We hope this year will treat us even better.
Stay Deathschool!

29|11|2014  Interview with Baltic Metal Division
Baltic Metal Divison asked us a few questions about our doings and future. Click here to read it.

27|11|2014  "Kui surm kannab valget" - live video now available!
Kui surm kannab valget

18|11|2014  Recording a new single
Today we hit the studio to record a new upcoming single. Stay tuned for more updates!

27|10|2014  Upcoming shows
Two shows confirmed for November. Check LIVE for more details!

11|10|2014  Videoblog #3
So we had shows in Latvia and Lithuania...
Videoblog #3

07|10|2014  Flashback: Deathschool Tour 2014
A little article about Deathschool Tour 2014 in the local news. Click here to read it.

02|10|2014  GORESOERD confirmed to support Amorphis (FIN)
Click to enlarge

14|09|2014  Deathschool Tour 2014
We are excited to announce our minitour dates! If you are there, come down. If you have friends there, tell them. Spread the word!
Check LIVE for dates.

04|09|2014  Our custom guitar picks arrived!
This morning we got our custom guitar picks. Big thanks goes to Grover Allmann for making these!
Goresoerd guitar picks

31|08|2014  All albums now available on Spotify, iTunes, Rdio, Deezer etc.
We are glad to say: "You can now listen to us from everywhere. Literally!"

19|08|2014  Tapper's 7th season opening party
GORESOERD will headline Tapper's 7th season opening party at 05.09.2014. Among with us Horricane, Steel Scream and Rising Sun. Click here for more information.

15|08|2014  Live at Tapper concert video out!
Live @ Tapper 03.05.14

04|06|2014  GORESOERD confirmed at HRL 2014
Click here for more information

13|04|2014  GORESOERD to open up for Stam1na (FIN)
Catch us live at 03.05 at Tapper with Stam1na (FIN), Rytmihäiriö (FIN) and Cantilena (EST).

08|04|2014  GORESOERD on other social sites
Great news deathschoolers! You can now follow us on Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram.

05|03|2014  Russian date cancelled
Having followed the recent events in Ukraine and finding the situation to be utterly despicable and disturbing, Goresoerd hereby announces the cancellation of our upcoming show in Russia.
Being completely aware of how little of an impact this minor demonstration will have on improving the situation, we continue to believe that if the world is to be changed for the better, one must start with himself!

30|01|2014  Videoblog #2
So we had shows in Riga and Kaunas...
Videoblog #2

20|01|2014  GORESOERD in Russia
Russia here we come! We have confirmed a show on 12.04.14 at St. Petersburg with Beyond the Structure (EST) in Stoker Club.

16|01|2014  GORESOERD nominated at Estonian Music Awards
GORESOERD has been nominated at Estonian Music Awards in "Metal album of the year" category.

06|01|2014  3rd place at Eesti TOP 50 2013!
Hell yeah! Goresoerd made it to 3rd place in the national TV show "Estonian Top Music Videos" with the video "Asülum"

22|12|2013  Review in Metal Nation Radio
Click here for a 8.5/10 review of our new album!

20|12|2013  Review in KaaosZine
Click here for a 9/10 review of our new album!

26|11|2013  Review in PowerMetal.de
Click here for a 7/10 review of our new album!

19|11|2013  Review in Made in Quebec Metal Show
Click here for a 8/10 review of our new album!

15|11|2013  Review in The RingMaster Review
Click here for a 9/10 review of our new album!

13|10|2013  Goresoerd and Jim Beam Estonia
Greetings, deathschoolers!

Goresoerd and Jim Beam hereby announce the blood pact that marks the beginning of their future partnership. We proudly present - Jim Beam Devil's Cut, the latest hellspawn of the Jim Beam family. Welcome it with horns up high!
Jim Beam Devil's Cut

09|09|2013  NEW ALBUM OUT!
Goresoerd have summoned up their third full-length studio album titled "Asülum". The twelve tracks pack a punch on full throttle, coasting on ironic lyrics, melodic leads and atmospheric synths, giving the release its fine tuned balance between raw energy and progressive sound. "Asülum" LP was released in collaboration with Crunch Industry and is available via Nailboard Records and also Spotify, iTunes, Rdio, Deezer & eMusic.

08|09|2013  The Dead and Distorted Tour 2013
Click here for "Asülum" presentation dates.

05|09|2013  New album available for pre-listening!
Our new album "Asülum" is available for pre-listening at Rada 7 only today. Go check it out!

24|07|2013  New video "Asülum" out!
Aeg on küps, et kastis välja tõsta Goresoerdi tuliuus video "ASÜLUM". Üllitisele on oma õla alla lükanud "Nukufilm",eesotsas Ülo Pikkoviga. Klipis on kasutatud nukufilmi "Keha Mälu".
Video rezii ja montaaz Grete-Liisa Sihver, kaamera Erlend Staub. Suur kummardus Ülo Pikkovi, Märt Kivi ja Raivo Möllitsa ees.
Nautige teost ja oodake sügisel ilmuvat plaati.Uued uudised peagi...ja kes on kannatanud on elanud!

26|03|2013  New track from upcoming album available!
Preview track "Masin" (Machine) by Goresoerd from their upcoming album "Asülum". Coming Fall 2013!

27|01|2013  GORESOERD grounded for homework!
Goresoerd is currently socially unavailable due to working on a new video and a brand new album. Release dates and more specific info is yet unavailable.

20|01|2013  8th place at Eesti TOP 50 2012!
Hell yeah! Goresoerd made it to 8th place in the national TV show "Estonian Top Music Videos" with the video "Kuningas-Direktor"
Kuningas Direktor

12|01|2013  GORESOERD supports SYBREED!
Click to enlarge

31|05|2012  Hard Rock Camp 2012 live confirmed
Click to enlarge

29|03|2012  New video officially released
Kuningas Direktor

19|02|2012  New site launched
Design: Bruno Palmik. Layout: Uziel.